Your family is far too important to trust an online will created without an Attorney.

A will or living trust may be the most important legal document that you’ll ever create for your family. A properly drawn and executed will or trust ensures that your assets will be protected and your family's financial security ensured in the event of your death. An improperly prepared or executed will can be contested and invalidated in probate, leaving your assets and your family's well-being at the mercy of a disinterested court.

Online wills are easy... but are they secure?

Other will and trust sites offer convenience, but do not make any guarantees. In fact, other sites admit, right in their disclaimers, that their services cannot be considered a substitute for actual legal advice from an attorney.

The MyWillPros Difference is the only online will service that not only provides you with affordable, hassle-free legal documents but also provides you with your own personal attorney, in your city or town, whose advice you can trust. Only an attorney can provide you with the assurance you need that your online will, power-of-attorney or other legal document is properly drawn, executed, and safely accomplishes all of your objectives.

Get started protecting your family today.

You and your spouse take a vacation together, leaving the kids with friends. There's an accident. You and your spouse are both killed. Your children are left parentless.

Your will names those same friends, who have children the same age as yours, ... more

It was reasonably priced and my new lawyer made sure I understood everything from the actual drawing of my will, to execution of the will, to what happens when I die. She was great! Now I have a lawyer for life. John Doe